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Eindhoven Airport introduces new value proposition

New website first touch point for customer promise

Eindhoven, 22nd January 2016

Eindhoven Airport has today announced a new value proposition with which to welcome passengers in coming years. The new proposition hopes to communicate to visitors what they can expect from the fast-expanding airport.

The Eindhoven Airport strategy for the coming years focuses on the airport’s development, not only in terms of passenger numbers, but also in terms of commercial activity and customer satisfaction. All this, of course, within the frameworks set out in the Alders Recommendation and the Aviation Policy Memorandum and with due consideration for the environment. In order to give shape to activities and objectives for the years ahead, Eindhoven Airport set about defining a current value proposition. The new proposition - ‘Making the customer’s journey simple from start to finish’ - is distinctive, unique and achievable.

“The customer is key at Eindhoven Airport: happy customers come back. The fact that Eindhoven Airport is functionally very easy to navigate is a real advantage to us. Research has shown that ease of use is top of the wish list for customers. This is our starting point. No other airport in our catchment area has opted for this ‘ease of use’ promise. By claiming it as our own, we are differentiating ourselves from the competition. In essence, it means that we are holding the customer’s hand from the front door all the way through to the aircraft door.„ Joost Meijs, CEO at Eindhoven Airport

Always Easy
The airport’s new positioning is underpinned by the tagline: ‘Always Easy’. Chosen in consultation with passengers and representatives from all parties operating at the airport, the new proposition will be implemented through three pillars: Infrastructure, People and Online. Examples of how the philosophy will be implemented in real terms include a number of scheduled renovation projects, courses and training on customer orientation and the launch of an all-new website.

New website
Today’s launch of the brand new website represents the first public point of contact with ‘Always Easy’. The revised site is all about ‘relevance’; visitors to the site can very easily and immediately find what it is they came to the website for – be it information about their flight, picking someone up or dropping them off, discovering the 75 potential destinations serviced from Eindhoven Airport or reserving car parking. In addition, the website features the latest and most relevant travel tips to help passengers better prepare for their journey and avoid any surprises at the terminal.

“Passengers get an, as it were, online checklist to help them make arrangements before they travel. This is just one example of what makes our new website stand out.„ Joost Meijs, CEO at Eindhoven Airport N.V.

The airport’s repositioning and its subsequent roll-out via multiple channels is being fulfilled in partnership with agencies Altuition, ADDFocus and IN10.

For further information contact:
Eindhoven Airport N.V.
Tel: +31 (0)40-2919855

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About Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport, with over 4 million passengers in 2015 the second largest airport in the Netherlands, boosts the business climate in the south of the Netherlands and is crucial to the region in achieving its ambitions. The airport is aiming for a broad portfolio of destinations. Flights depart from Eindhoven Airport to over 70 destinations. Speed and the total airport experience are its added values. Eindhoven Airport connects Brainport to Europe in particular and makes the region internationally accessible. With 1500 direct jobs the airport has grown into one of the region's largest employers. According to the agreements between national and regional stakeholders, Eindhoven Airport will have the space to grow to some 5.5 million passengers in 2020. The growth will be achieved with the support of the local community and within the frameworks of the Alders Opinion and the Dutch government's Air Travel Policy Document. Eindhoven Airport pursues an integrated policy for growth, the environment and sustainability.


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