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Eindhoven Airport opens new terminal and hotel

Eindhoven, 21 June 2013

In the presence of nearly 400 guests, Eindhoven Airport officially reopened its completely refurbished and expanded terminal this afternoon. At the same time, the new Tulip Inn Eindhoven Airport hotel was opened. State Secretary for the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Wilma Mansveld, performed the opening together with Joost Meijs, CEO of Eindhoven Airport, by adding the words “Hereby opened!” to an artist’s sand drawing of the new terminal.

“Travelling from Eindhoven, passengers can now reach 66 destinations, from Sweden to Morocco and from Turkey to Ireland. In two years’ time, the airport has welcomed an additional one million passengers! This increase made it highly necessary to expand the terminal; it also gives a substantial impulse to the regional economy. Eindhoven can be proud of this.„ State Secretary Mansveld
“Brainport deserves a modern airport as a gateway to Europe and as a calling card for hundreds of thousands of Europeans who visit the region via Eindhoven Airport every year. As a result of this development, we now have an airport with the right appeal for this ambitious region„ Joost Meijs, CEO of Eindhoven Airport

The fast development of Eindhoven Airport made the airport decide to invest EUR 26.5 million. In addition, retailers, caterers and other partner companies invested approximately EUR 3 million in new shops and catering concepts, among other things. The complex construction project, which took about 19 months, went according to plan and budget and was realized while the airport remained open to the public.

The development consists of a new front zone of 2,000 m2 with extra retail and catering facilities, a 2,700 m2 expansion of the arrivals hall, 2,700 m2 of extra office space and the construction of the Tulip Inn Eindhoven Airport hotel with 120 rooms. The terminal has been completely refurbished in order to provide passengers with a quicker and more customer friendly service. To accomplish this, adjustments and expansions have been made to the baggage system, the gates, the check-in desks and the security lanes. The terminal now has the capacity to handle 5 million passengers. It is expected that this will facilitate the increase of passengers until 2020. The hotel and the new retail and catering facilities create approximately 60 direct full-time jobs at the airport.

The development is fully in line with the sustainability ambitions of Eindhoven Airport. The hotel meets the demands of the international hallmark ‘Green Key’ label ‘Gold’ and energy label A++. The terminal has energy label A+. Sustainable building materials and energy-efficient lighting have been used, among other things, and PV panels and solar collectors have been installed on the roofs of the terminal and the hotel.

“The airport has an ambitious strategy in the field of sustainability and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, and I would like to compliment Eindhoven Airport on that. Because Dutch aviation is good for our economy. The fact that this growth is balanced and managed with attention to the environment is even better news.„ State Secretary Mansveld
About Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport is the second largest airport in the Netherlands with over 6 million passengers in 2018. The airport serves Brainport region and connects it with Europe and makes the region internationally accessible in balance with surroundings. The convenience for the passenger comes from the airport Álways Easy’ strategy. Flights depart from Eindhoven Airport to over 80 destinations. Speed and the total airport experience are its added values. With 2000 direct jobs the airport has grown into one of the region's largest employers. Business responsibility is part of our DNA. Continuously we pay attention to the balance between international connectivity, the environment, sustainability and the quality of live. The owners of Eindhoven Airport NV are the Schiphol Group, the province Noord-Brabant and Eindhoven city.


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