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Eindhoven Airport sends bloggers into Europe for two weeks

Eindhoven, 11th February 2015

Eindhoven Airport has today launched, a campaign in which the airport is looking for up-and-coming talented bloggers prepared to write travel reports about various destinations. There were flights to 78 destinations from Eindhoven Airport in 2014 and the range of destinations is only expected to grow bigger in 2015.

Blogtrippers is a campaign where bloggers can create their profile online. A profile on might include text, photos and videos of previous trips. The idea is that bloggers attract as many votes as possible for their profile to get the opportunity to enjoy a unique travel experience. The winner will depart from ‘base camp’, Tulip Inn Hotel at Eindhoven Airport, for several European destinations in the space of two weeks. He or she is expected to carry out various ‘blog assignments’ at these destinations and produce unique travel reports.

The three participants with the most votes will be assessed by a jury comprising representatives from, GWK Travelex,, T-Mobile and Eindhoven Airport. To cap it all, the winner will be accompanied on some of the trips by a professional blogger who will help him or her to create content by sharing some tips & tricks.

Blogging has now become commonplace, but blogging about travelling is enjoying increasing popularity. We're all travelbloggers to some extent. Instagram, filming and posting about your trip on various social media... It's become quite normal. That's wy we've launched the Blogtrippers campaign. Many people don't yet know that you can fly to 78 destinations from Eindhoven Airport. We think this is a fantastic way of drawing attention to a few suprising destinations for people who love travelling. And what could be nicer than spending than spending one day in Athens and the next day in London?

Eli Lejeune, Marketing Manager Eindhoven Airport N.V.
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