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Major improvements to external area and accessibility

Eindhoven, 8th June 2015

Plans were announced this morning for major improvements to the external area of Eindhoven Airport and accessibility to it. The plans were officially unveiled jointly by Mrs Lidewijde Ongering, Director-General of Accessibility for the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Mrs J. Visscher, Councillor for the Municipality of Eindhoven and Joost Meijs, Eindhoven Airport CEO.

Over the last few years, challenges relating to accessibility and the desired upgrade of the outside area of the airport have been considered, bearing the traveller in mind, first and foremost. From the offset, all parties concerned have been involved in the development of the plans - Government, province, local residents, councils, commerce, nature and environmental management and the airport - seeking to strike the right balance between economy, liveability and sustainability.

Plans for Eindhoven Airport external area 

The development of the plans will result in the following upgrade to the external area: A multi-purpose building will come to stand where parking block P1 currently stands. The new building will accommodate a variety of services and facilities. A public transport terminal will be introduced on the ground floor; Kiss & Ride and parking facilities on the floors above, and catering and retail outlets will be to the side of the terminal. The building’s design will compliment the existing terminal and the hotel’s architecture. People arriving to travel, drop off or pick up will reach the low-traffic area by escalator – a safe area between the multi-purpose building and the airport terminal, just a short distance away. The multi-purpose building will be built with the BREEAM certification “very good”. This will make it the first building in the Netherlands to have this level of BREEAM certification.

A boulevard will come to connect parking blocks P3, P4 and P5, with a waiting area directly in front of the airport terminal. The boulevard will also grant access to the airport terminal to visitors from the surrounding commercial buildings and other visitors. Where possible, the natural environment will infiltrate the waiting area and boulevard, making these ‘green’ areas; fully in keeping with the Brainport region and Eindhoven Airport’s sustainable vision and profiling. The key design principles are speed, atmosphere, liveability, safety and green.

Plans to improve accessibility to Eindhoven Airport                      

Plans to improve accessibility include the reduction of traffic congestion and a better flow of traffic, achieved by modifications to the slipways on the A2/N2 and A58, and by increasing capacity of the Anthony Fokkerweg. Furthermore, clear signage will separate traffic to and from Eindhoven Airport from residential and work traffic to and from the commercial buildings surrounding the airport. Those en route to Eindhoven Airport will be led there via a new road along the Beatrix canal. All-important public transport has also been considered in the plans. Public transport users travelling to and from the airport, and public transport users travelling to and from their place of work, will be given a comfortable and prominent place in the multi-purpose building, the collective goal being to increase the number of public transport users. Bicycle access to the airport has also been looked at. The dimensions of the boulevard accommodate the potential implementation of a ‘smart mobility’ concept; a sustainable and innovative transport concept whereby passengers are transported between the parking blocks and the terminal in electrically driven shuttles, without a driver.

With input from the nature and environment organisations, these vast improvements to the airport’s accessibility can be implemented with due consideration for the valuable Brabant landscape and regional initiatives, such as the Green corridor.  

The plans to improve accessibility involve around 85 million Euros of investment. As previously communicated, the Government will invest 40 million Euros in the road improvements, and the province of Noord-Brabant, 20.8 million. The Region of Eindhoven has pledged 4.75 million. Eindhoven Council is contributing 16.4 million Euros, and Eindhoven Airport, three million. Eindhoven Airport will invest a further 14 million in the airport’s external area (boulevard and multi-purpose building). In total, the coming years will see parties invest no less than 100 million Euros in the project.

Work is expected to commence on the external area in 2016 and go through the various phases of completion in 2017 and 2018. Measures to improve accessibility are scheduled to commence in 2017 for completion in 2020.

In order to support the expected growth of Eindhoven Airport, the airport must continue to evolve, making itself more appealing to travellers. It is excellent that improvements are to be brought about to the public transport and parking provisions, as these are what make for a comfortable journey from door to door.

State Secretary Mansveld for the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

It is essential for the region to remain easily accessible if we are to continue to grow and thrive. This requires work and investment. Which is why the Municipality of Eindhoven is also very pleased that the regional municipalities, the Noord-Brabant Administration, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and, of course, the airport have pooled funds to make accessibility the best it can be, now and for the future.

Councillor Visscher of the Municipality of Eindhoven
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