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Arke will start operating its Dreamliner from Eindhoven Airport to the Antilles

Schiphol & Eindhoven, 9 February 2015

Arke will start operating its Boeing 787 Dreamliner on routes from Eindhoven Airport to Curacao and Aruba on Sunday, 1 November 2015. The airline – part of the travel company, TUI Nederland – will fly to these popular holiday destinations from Eindhoven Airport twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays, all year round. Arke and Eindhoven Airport are responding to the trend in which increasing numbers of holidaymakers want to fly to their holiday destinations from their own regions by now making it possible to reach long-haul destinations from there too. Arke will operate these flights with its comfortable, fuel-efficient Dreamliner. This will be the first time the Dreamliner flies from a regional airport in the Netherlands, enabling holidaymakers departing from the south of the Netherlands to become acquainted with this ‘new way of flying’ too.

Regional appeal

Departing from a regional airport when going on holiday is gaining in popularity. The short journey time, small scale, quick check-in and security procedures and low parking rates all play a role. It’s now common practice to fly to Mediterranean destinations from regional airports, but Arke and Eindhoven Airport are now making it possible to fly to long-haul destinations too. From November, Arke will operate its Dreamliner from Eindhoven, flying alternately to Curacao and Aruba. This will mean that holidaymakers will always have one non-stop flight to the island of their choice and one that includes a short stop-over.

International appeal

Arke does not make a point of focusing exclusively on Dutch travellers.Eindhoven’s ‘catchment area’ – potentially around 20 million holidaymakers (source IATA) – covers not only the south of the Netherlands but also the northern part of Belgium and Germany’s western border region.Belgian airports do not currently offer non-stop flights to the Antilles and in Germany, only Air Berlin flies once a week to Curacao from Dusseldorf.Arke is therefore also pitching for Belgian and German customers in conjunction with its TUI sister travel companies.The benefit for Arke passengers is:Aruba will be offered as a new destination in these regions of Belgium and Germany; Arke is a member of a travel organisation and provides not only individual flights but also attractively priced holidays; by flying twice a week, 11 and 12-day breaks are an option, in addition to one and two-week holidays.

We are delighted with the announcement that Arke, one of our professional partners, will be flying to two new destinations using an extremely quiet and fuel-efficient plane.

Joost Meijs, CEO of Eindhoven Airport

Close to home, fewer traffic jams, less stress and cheap parking: flying from a regional airport brings many benefits to travellers who live outside the urban conurbation of western Holland. Eindhoven Airport has been successfully working on its expansion in the last few years. We are convinced that, in partnership with Eindhoven Airport, we can promote the popular Antilles and our sustainable Dreamliner even more effectively.

Hans van der Velde, Director of Arkefly 

Sustainable Dreamliner

Arke added the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to its fleet in June 2014, making it the first Dutch airline to do so. The second Dreamliner was added to the airline’s fleet in December and the third will arrive in March. The B787 Dreamliner is lighter, quieter, more fuel-efficient and, in particular, much more comfortable than the present generation of aircraft. The Dreamliner is not only pleasant to fly in, but also less of a burden on the environment: the aircraft’s engines are 15% cleaner and produce 60% less noise than comparable planes. They moreover consume 20% less fuel and CO2 per passenger.

Popularity of the Antilles unabated

The Antilles are the most important long-haul destination by far for TUI Nederland, the travel organisation Arke belongs to. The increase in flights from Eindhoven Airport will enable Arke to fly to these islands nine times a week for the first time this year. In addition, TUI’s travel brands – Arke, Holland International and Kras – perform an important role in Antilles tourism. Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire attract some 200,000 Dutch people each year: holidaymakers, business travellers and people visiting their families. About 50% of this group goes on a package deal organised by one of the TUI brands. TUI is also a significant employer on the islands, employing 70 local workers.

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