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Health declaration and urgent request to go in quarantaine

Starting April 17th at 6 p.m, a health declaration is required for travellers from high-risk areas who travel to The Netherlands. Travellers from these areas are also urged to quarantine for two weeks. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) maintains a list of airports in areas with a high risk of contamination. Besides the mentioned airports Londen Stansted should also be on this list. The measures above apply to passengers arriving in the Netherlands, which departed from airports in the mentioned countries and regions.

Travellers departing from these high-risk areas will receive a form from the airline they are travelling with. The questionnaire has been drawn up by the GGD and RIVM and must be completed before boarding. Travellers should keep the form with them during the trip. If one of the questions on the form is answered with "yes", the traveller will not be allowed on board by the airline.

Enclosed the letter from the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport about the measures:

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Download PDF
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