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Eindhoven Airport puts additional measures in place to accommodate increase in air traffic

Mouth masks compulsory at the airport as of 15 June 2020

Air traffic to and from Eindhoven Airport will increase in the months ahead and the same applies for passenger numbers. This development has prompted Eindhoven Airport to put a number of additional measures in place to ensure that safe and responsible travel continues to be possible. As of Monday 15 June 2020, Eindhoven Airport will require all travellers (from the age of 13 upwards) to wear a mouth mask in the terminal. The airport will also ask all passengers who are travelling to another country to be able to produce a health declaration. The new measures being introduced will complement current hygiene measures, the 1.5-metre distance requirement and additional communication about all of the various measures to travellers.

With the introduction of additional measures, Eindhoven Airport is now in compliance with the Dutch aviation protocol, existing RIVM guidelines and the international guidelines of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Eindhoven Airport is requiring all passengers to wear a mouth mask, as it will not be possible for them to keep a distance of 1.5 metres between themselves and others at all times, given international requirements in respect of safety and security at the airport. In practice, this means that passengers will need to wear a mouth mask during check-in and the security procedure and when boarding flights. Because these processes occur shortly after each other at Eindhoven Airport, the obligation to wear a mouth mask applies throughout the terminal. Travellers must arrange mouth masks themselves and staff at Eindhoven Airport will wear mouth masks in all areas accessible to passengers too.

Additional measures

Besides the mouth-mask and health-declaration requirements, Eindhoven Airport will be increasing the number of staff members on duty at the airport with effect from 15 June 2020. Staff will remind travellers of the various measures in place at the airport (the 1.5-metre distance requirement and hygiene measures, for example). They will also answer any questions passengers have and be alert to possible symptoms of Covid 19. As of 15 June 2020, the terminal will also only be open to passengers and airport staff. The following applies for anyone picking up and dropping off passengers: do not accompany travellers into the airport, unless absolutely necessary for a traveller with reduced mobility. Anyone picking up and dropping off passengers is requested to use the Kiss & Ride in P1 (on the first floor) and to stay in their cars.

Existing measures

In line with government recommendations, Eindhoven Airport already has a number of Covid-19 measures in place in relation to hygiene, the 1.5-metre distance requirement, protection and communication. For example, stickers and lines are used to remind travellers of the distance they should keep between themselves and others. Protective screens have been fitted at all check-in desks and other service points too and every other check-in desk and gate will be closed wherever possible. Depending on traveller and baggage-item numbers, baggage will be put out ready rather than placing it on the baggage conveyor. This will help passengers stay well away from each other. Facilities at the airport will be cleaned more frequently as well, particularly those in high-use areas (the trays used during security checks, baggage carts and toilet facilities, for example). Disinfection floor stands are in place throughout the airport for hand sanitisation purposes.

Roel Hellemons, Director/CEO of Eindhoven Airport: “We firmly believe that these measures are appropriate given the imminent increase in air traffic at Eindhoven Airport. Compliance with both government measures and the international EASA protocol is importance because of the European nature of our network. Clarity for passengers is key and will facilitate safe and responsible travel, which is our main objective.”

John Jorritsma, Chairman of Safety Region Brabant South East: “It is important that air traffic to and from Eindhoven Airport is resumed with all due care. It’s my job as the Chairman of the Safety Region to make sure this happens, starting with compliance with national and international regulations. Eindhoven Airport is putting a number of additional measures in place too. This shows its commitment to the provision of a safe and responsible travel service for its passengers.”

Check this site for more information, FAQ and the health declaration:

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