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Partnership Eindhoven Airport and PSV extended and expanded

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Roel Hellemons, CEO of Eindhoven Airport and Frans Janssen, commercial director of PSV .

PSV and Eindhoven Airport have extended and intensified their cooperation. Until the summer of 2023, Eindhoven Airport will remain the football club's official airport. This means that all of PSV's international campaigns during the coming seasons will depart from the airport. In addition, as the gateway to Brainport Eindhoven, Eindhoven Airport will continue to work together with PSV and the other Brainport partners on strengthening the Brainport Eindhoven Metropolitan Area.

Intensified cooperation

Thanks to the closer cooperation, Eindhoven Airport is able to move into the higher category of PSV's Partner and Sponsor pyramid. “We are extremely pleased that we can extend and scale up the agreement we have with each other, especially in a time when the economic outlook is anything but certain”, says Frans Janssen, Commercial Director of PSV. “The expansion of this partnership also fits in nicely with the Brainport Partnership and the role that PSV wants to play in the region together with its partners. Expanding our collaboration with the airport of the Brainport Region ties in perfectly with that aim.” Roel Hellemons, CEO of Eindhoven Airport: “Connecting Brainport with Europe, and contributing to raising the profile of what the Brainport region has to offer in so many different areas. Thanks to our close partnership with PSV, these are aspects we gladly support by giving this iconic club a prominent position inside the airport. After all, this metropolitan area deserves international attention. The airport is a platform that we are happy to provide in order to serve this goal. It helps us to make the region even better.”

Official Airport PSV & Brainport Eindhoven

As part of the intensified cooperation, Eindhoven Airport and PSV will work together to promote the Brainport Region even more to the outside world. In doing so, the parties support each other's initiatives. One of those initiatives is the construction of a covered walkway on the apron, which is expected to be ready this autumn. The 600-metre long sheltered passageway is sure to be an eyecatcher and will serve as a showcase that puts the region, Brainport and PSV prominently in the spotlights. As one of the most vital international gateways to Brainport, Eindhoven Airport welcomes around 6.7 million people to Eindhoven every year.

Official Airport Programme

Whenever possible, the PSV squad, youth teams, staff, scouts and management depart from the airport to the various international destinations. What's more, the business partners of PSV also travel via Eindhoven Airport when going on European trips. Thanks to the official airport programme, PSV has certain privileges when flying abroad, such as its own check-in desk, parking spaces and security passage.

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About Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport is the second largest airport in the Netherlands with over 6 million passengers in 2018. The airport serves Brainport region and connects it with Europe and makes the region internationally accessible in balance with surroundings. The convenience for the passenger comes from the airport Álways Easy’ strategy. Flights depart from Eindhoven Airport to over 80 destinations. Speed and the total airport experience are its added values. With 2000 direct jobs the airport has grown into one of the region's largest employers. Business responsibility is part of our DNA. Continuously we pay attention to the balance between international connectivity, the environment, sustainability and the quality of live. The owners of Eindhoven Airport NV are the Schiphol Group, the province Noord-Brabant and Eindhoven city.


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