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Eindhoven Airport to keep flight movements at a maximum of 41,500 in 2022; permitted noise contour to decrease

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In consultation with the State Secretary of Defence (Visser), the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management (Van Nieuwenhuizen) has set the maximum number of flight movements at Eindhoven Airport at 41,500 again for 2022. Van Nieuwenhuizen notified the House of Representatives of her decision recently by letter. In her letter, Van Nieuwenhuizen also states that just part of the full noise contour of 10.3 km2 will be included in the new joint use permit for 2022. Calculations are still under way to establish the new noise contour for 2022. It has already been decided that the maximum noise levels permitted at Eindhoven Airport in 2022 will be lower than in previous years. The Minister also states that she will soon be in a position to provide clarity about an ambitious but realistic scenario for the future development of Eindhoven Airport between 2020 and 2030. In the same letter, the Minister also turns her attention to the recently created Luchthaven Eindhoven Overleg (Eindhoven Airport consultation structure), a new permanent consultation structure chaired by Mr. Van Geel. The airport is looking forward to working with Luchthaven Eindhoven Overleg.

The Board of Directors of Eindhoven Airport welcomes the decisions outlined above. Roel Hellemons, CEO of Eindhoven Airport, comments as follows: “The Minister’s decisions create clarity for the years ahead and give the airport time to implement the new noise control model in which a reduction in noise levels is key rather than a reduction in the number of flight movements. We are already working hard to reduce noise levels here at the airport and will continue with our efforts in this respect in the years ahead too. The lower permitted noise contour for 2022 brings us even closer to achieving a substantial reduction by 2030.”

The number of flight movements for this year and the year ahead have been set at a maximum of 41,500 per year too, as evidenced by the 2020-2021 permit for civil use at Eindhoven Airport. Added to this, no scheduled flights will be permitted after 23.00 hours with effect from the winter season of 2020 (which starts on 25 October 2020). This is an important step towards reducing any nuisance experienced by local residents. Finally, as part of measures to limit noise nuisance, Eindhoven Airport itself decided to freeze the number of flight movements at the airport at 41,500 in 2019, instead of the 43,000 for which a permit had been issued.

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