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Area vision 'Eindhoven Airport District': international, green and with a clear added value within Brainport Eindhoven

A sustainable, easily accessible and lively area with a strong business park in a pleasant working and living environment where cooperation is paramount. A gateway to the city of Eindhoven and the Brainport Eindhoven region. This is the vision for the 'Eindhoven Airport District' airport area in 2040. The area includes Eindhoven Airport, Flight Forum, Eindhoven Air Base and the Eindhoven Airport business park.

International profile and added value within Brainport Eindhoven

Until 2040, Eindhoven Airport District (EAD) will be developed into an even more attractive area for international companies, including with the arrival of a World Trade Center (WTC). "The area will have a lively heart and facilities for pleasant working and living. For example, there will be space for sports, events and more catering establishments," says Monique List (alderman for mobility and Eindhoven Northwest) of the municipality of Eindhoven. In addition, more and more companies that support the Brainport region, such as companies in trade, business services and ICT, will come to EAD in the coming years. The possibilities for new functions such as shortstay and care, lab, and education functions are also being investigated at Flight Forum.

"This is an area with a regional and even Brabant-wide function," explains Erik Ronnes (deputy for Space and Housing, Province of North Brabant). "It is important to make the area future-proof. For the province, Eindhoven Airport District is a work location that must remain attractive for employees of the companies present and users of the area. In addition, the area will strengthen the position of, for example, the Brainport Industries Campus and the High Tech Campus. Therefore the area also requires good regional accessibility. At the same time the vision also offers opportunities to take steps in the field of sustainability and greening, important themes for the province. All these elements show why we welcome the cooperation of all parties involved."

Joint vision and implementation

Ambitious plans, for which Eindhoven Airport, Flight Forum, Eindhoven Air Base, the Municipality of Eindhoven and the Province of North Brabant are joining forces. Owners, entrepreneurs and employees in the Eindhoven Airport District airport area have been invited to help realize the ambitions from the vision. "We cannot and will not do this without their contribution. They are part of this area. They have an important role in, for example, the accessibility of the area, the sustainability of buildings and liveliness. That is why we want to expand our collaboration with them," explains alderman Monique List.

Follow-up: from vision to implementation

The Eindhoven municipal council will decide on the 'Area Vision Eindhoven Airport District' by February 2022. Once the area concept has been adopted, a start will be made on the further elaboration and realisation of implementation projects. The first projects are expected to be completed in 2023.

Partners Eindhoven Airport District: Eindhoven Airport, Flight Forum, Eindhoven Air Base, Province of Noord-Brabant, Eindhoven municipality.

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About Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport is the second largest airport in the Netherlands with over 6 million passengers in 2018. The airport serves Brainport region and connects it with Europe and makes the region internationally accessible in balance with surroundings. The convenience for the passenger comes from the airport Álways Easy’ strategy. Flights depart from Eindhoven Airport to over 80 destinations. Speed and the total airport experience are its added values. With 2000 direct jobs the airport has grown into one of the region's largest employers. Business responsibility is part of our DNA. Continuously we pay attention to the balance between international connectivity, the environment, sustainability and the quality of live. The owners of Eindhoven Airport NV are the Schiphol Group, the province Noord-Brabant and Eindhoven city.


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