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The results from Eindhoven Airport were also affected by Covid in 2021; recovery in second half of the year

Eindhoven Airport has a year behind it that did an about-turn. Certainly in the first half of 2021, the airport experienced the adverse effects of the corona pandemic. Recovery began in the second half of the year as restrictions were lifted in many countries. The safety and health of employees and passengers continued to be the central focus of day-to-day operations. This was reflected in the Annual Report 2021 that shareholders approved on Thursday, 14 April.

Covid also affected the airport’s day-to-day operations, turnover and results in 2021. In 2021, Eindhoven Airport saw 21,704 million flight movements. In the previous year, the total was 18,822. This means that the number of flight movements in 2021 was roughly 15 percent higher than in 2020. Flights were operated to 79 destinations in 2021. Thus, the number of destinations in 2021 remained the same as in 2020. The number of passengers in 2021 totalled 2.7 million (2020: 2.1 million). This means that the passenger numbers in 2021 were 28 percent higher than in 2020. The net results in 2021 totalled EUR -2.3 million (2020: EUR -10.5 million). The revenue for Eindhoven Airport increased by 55 per cent to EUR 36.2 million in 2021 (2020: EUR 23.3 million). This was primarily driven by the sharp increase in passengers and flight movements starting in the summer.

Roel Hellemons, CEO of Eindhoven Airport: “After a challenging time throughout Covid, we saw recovery begin in the summer of 2021. This year, we will be seeing passenger numbers rising ahead of summer, but also afterwards. We are preparing for that. The condition for an increase in passenger numbers is, of course, that travelling responsibly in Europe remains feasible.” 

Eindhoven Airport continues to progress along the path it previously set out, which focuses on the region and on further improving the quality and sustainability of the airport. In 2021, for example, the canopy over the apron was completed, allowing passengers to stay dry while walking to their aircraft. In 2022, preliminary project work will start on expanding the terminal. Reducing disturbances for local residents also remains a priority. The same applies to increasing the sustainability of the airport. The airport will continue with the electrification of the apron, and an incentive for airlines on airport charges will encourage them to modernise their fleets and use cleaner and quieter aircraft. The airport is also exploring the potential of flying electric as a new way of connecting regions sustainably. Hellemons: “Eindhoven Airport is continuing to dedicate itself to improving the quality of our services and making the airport even more sustainable in 2022.”


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About Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport is the second largest airport in the Netherlands with over 6 million passengers in 2018. The airport serves Brainport region and connects it with Europe and makes the region internationally accessible in balance with surroundings. The convenience for the passenger comes from the airport Álways Easy’ strategy. Flights depart from Eindhoven Airport to over 80 destinations. Speed and the total airport experience are its added values. With 2000 direct jobs the airport has grown into one of the region's largest employers. Business responsibility is part of our DNA. Continuously we pay attention to the balance between international connectivity, the environment, sustainability and the quality of live. The owners of Eindhoven Airport NV are the Schiphol Group, the province Noord-Brabant and Eindhoven city.


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