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Eindhoven Airport expects busy May holidays

Eindhoven Airport expects vacation traffic during the May vacation period that officially starts on April 30. In the (run-up to) the summer, too, Eindhoven Airport expects it to be busy at the airport, especially at peak times. To prepare travellers as well as possible for their flight, Eindhoven Airport has launched the webpage Eindhoven Airport: Ready for take off | Eindhoven Airport with tips and information on how to travel during busy times. The airport asks travellers for patience and understanding. Travelers should prepare for longer than usual waiting times due to the increasing number of travelers and staff shortages at the airport. The reason for the lack of capacity is that the airport, like several other companies, is suffering from a tight labor market.

During and around the May vacation period, around 100,000 passengers a week travel to or from Eindhoven Airport (arrivals and departures added together). After the corona period, passenger numbers are still slightly lower than in 2019 (the last pre-corona year) but at peak times it can be just as busy as in 2019. Eindhoven Airport and its partners are doing everything possible to avoid extra waiting time as much as possible. In addition, travelers are asked to prepare their air travel well. A number of important tips for travelers in a row:


- For information and tips check the Eindhoven Airport website and also check the website of your airline.

- Reserve a parking space at the airport on time. Are the official parking lots at Eindhoven Airport full? Then take a bus or cab or drop off at the Kiss & Ride parking lot in parking lot P1.

- If you can, check in online at home

- Check the validity of your passport and travel documents at home. Corona documents are still required for several countries. Check for the required documents.

- Be aware of extra rules and controls of the Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary when traveling with a minor

- Make sure that your hand luggage is the right size and that you do not have any excess baggage. If you find out at the airport that you have extra kilos of baggage, you will have to pay more and queue at the service desk to pay for it.

- Arrive at the airport at least 2.5 hours in advance and take one or more face masks with you

- Easy and fast through security check? No need to take your electronics and liquids out of your hand luggage

- At the security check, empty your pockets and take off your jacket. Also take off your cap and belt. Wear shoes that reach below the ankle

- Check the Eindhoven Airport website Eindhoven Airport for the latest flight information or check the website of your airline.


More tips and information for travellers on:  Ready for take off | Eindhoven Airport    


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About Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport is the second largest airport in the Netherlands with over 6 million passengers in 2018. The airport serves Brainport region and connects it with Europe and makes the region internationally accessible in balance with surroundings. The convenience for the passenger comes from the airport Álways Easy’ strategy. Flights depart from Eindhoven Airport to over 80 destinations. Speed and the total airport experience are its added values. With 2000 direct jobs the airport has grown into one of the region's largest employers. Business responsibility is part of our DNA. Continuously we pay attention to the balance between international connectivity, the environment, sustainability and the quality of live. The owners of Eindhoven Airport NV are the Schiphol Group, the province Noord-Brabant and Eindhoven city.


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